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The Wrocław Good Beer Festival


The event takes place in May

Over the centuries beer and its production methods have been subject to various changes, introduction of new technologies and innovations, and beer consumption has begun to set new trends in mass culture.
The Wrocław Good Beer Festival is a return to the roots, to the traditional brewing of beer with original, sophisticated tastes. During the Festival visitors are able to try and to buy many excellent beers, both Polish and foreign, from regional breweries, unpasteurised, dark, light and wheat beers, porters, stouts and Belgian Triple. The event is a wonderful opportunity to familiarize oneself with various beers and to see what the fuss is all about. The visitors will be offered genuinely brewed beers, not mass-produced for the market.
Good tastes and traditional recipes will not only apply to beer tasting, but also to natural regional products, highly valued for their original nature, that will be offered at the accompanying fair, such as bread, cured meats or cheese.
The Beer Festival will be like a May picnic. Even those who, for some reason or another, will not drink any amber beverage, will find something to be happy with: concerts, games, contests with prizes or a tavern serving delicious food. For the youngest among you there will be a funfair and other attractions


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